Для изготовления полиграфической продукции на производстве применяются различные виды печати:
Листовая печать
офсетная и трафаретная

Все способы печати стандартизированы и хорошо отработаны. Это позволяет достичь высокого качества печатной продукции, точного и четкого изображения.
Packaging backing is the process of bonding of a less dense material (offset printed paper or thin cardboard) to a thick substrate:
Binding is a final stage in the production of cardboard packaging, particularly it is folding and gluing the box, using special automated folding&gluing lines. Our perfect binding adds a professional finishing touch to your material.
In the process of printing, a distinction is made the two types of machines: sheet-fed and reel-fed machines. For this production we use the following printing methods: offset, letterpress, silkscreen and hybrid
Sheet-fed printing
(offset and silkscreen)
Embossing and debossing are the processes of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper and other materials. It adds a subtle 3-dimensional effect to your product, as we can provide single-, double-, and multi-level voluming effect.
Foil stamping is a special kind of printing procedure where heat, pressure, and a metallic foil is used to create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials. Foil stamping gives the stamped design an incredible look and is increasingly becoming the preferred method of printing in many industries.
Foil stamping
UV varnishing adds a striking effect on laminated paper, for high quality designs. UV varnishing provides the effect of:
Applied to a selected area (Spot UV-varnishing) or to the entire print surface, UV varnishing adds longevity to your print media, protects the material from moisture and fingerprint contamination and prevents abrasion of ink layer, increases the strength and durability of the products.
Volume and gloss
Contrast of matt and glossy surfaces
The effect of raindrops, grains etc
Our choice of color and foil texture is diverse, including foil with holograms, individually made to order.

UV varnishing
Laminating is the process whereby a special matte and glossy plastic film is bonded onto the surface of printed materials.
The main purpose of lamination is to protect products from external influences and mechanical damage. Laminated materials can withstand a lot of handling and can easily be wiped clean, last for a very long time and don't lose relish, in this respect.

Main technologies
Our print house is equipped with the latest management systems to monitor the workflow quality and consistency throughout the print runs, including binding&finishing processes.

Backing technology provides your product with presentable appearance and attractiveness, as well as strength and stability of the material.
Packaging backing
corrugated cardboard
micro corrugated cardboard
binder board of different thickness
plastic and other materials
All our printing technics are standardized, well worked-out and proven. This allows us to achieve high quality result.

For 25 years, we have been learning and experimenting with newest printing technologies, which enabled us to become the leader in Ukrainian market and export overseas.
Embossing technology can be combined with foiling for additional perks.
Luminous ink is versatile product and can be used for any element to glow in the dark, which adds elegance and attracts customers.
In accordance with your needs and ideas, we can design and produce personal holograms, individually to your order. Holographic imprints and images can include logo, text and graphic information. This technology is unique protection against fraud.

Braille is a special tactile font with raised dots, used by people who are blind or have a low vision. Technologically it can be performed with embossing or Spot varnishing methods.
Personal holograms
Microembossing is the latest technology of creating raised relief images and designs on smooth surface of paper, foil or soft cardboard.
Volume foil stamping is our patented technology which can provide a special voluminal effect of the printing elements on labels and packages.
Special additives - glitters (different colors and fractions) mixed with UV-varnishes or inks, can create decorative effects of:
Special additives to UV varnish and ink
Thermal and luminous inks
In addition to visual effects, glitters enables to create flavored images.
In combination with UV-inks printing, micro embossing is being a unique alternative to textured paper and cardboard
As a result, foil surface reflects light in different directions, creating additional visual effect.

Volume foil stamping
These technics meet all the requirements and standards of Braille system.
Thermochromic ink gives a well-defined color change at a certain temperature. It possess reversible effect and can be repeated many times.
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